COVID-19 Update

We want to keep you safe

During COVID-19, we want to ensure the safety and health of our customers. Here's what we are doing to keep you safe.

  • We launched Online Computer Support, to allow anyone to book an appointment, and speak with our technician while getting support directly on their computer. This service will continue to be offered as one of our regular services, for those that live outside of our service area, or cannot have visitors in their home.

  • We put safety measures into place before resuming House Calls, including:

  1. Mandatory face mask for our technician. We use a Three-Layer Polyester Mask with a Filter, as recommended by Health Canada. If such mask is not available a medical grade disposable mask will be used instead.

  2. Sanitization of Payment Terminals, Cash for change, technicians equipment and anything else that will enter your home.

  3. Sanitized hands between every customer, and every time a surface outside of your home is touched.

  4. Use of a tool to push buzzer buttons, open building doors and select elevator buttons in apartment buildings.

  5. Social Distancing measures in your home as you see fit.

  6. We hope these safety protocols will help you to feel comfortable having us in your home again. If there is some way you feel we can improve, please email us at

  • We have introduced contactless payment by means of debit and credit cards, to allow payment without needing a trip to the bank.

To ensure the safety of our technician, we reserve the right to refuse the use of homemade hand sanitizers, or sanitizers not in an approved container.